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2019 Summer Exam Timetable

Examination Certificates from Summer 2018 are now available for collection from the Exams Office. Please contact the school office prior to collection.

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Exam Guidance

Welcome to the Exam Guidance Area, powered by PiXL Independence  


What is PiXL Independence?

It is a huge bank of revision quizzes, tasks and problems that students can use to aid their retrieval practice.

  • Study time better utilized and students are able to study independently and self evaluate
  • Students become resourceful in sourcing the answer for themselves.
  • Students of all levels can spot the gaps in their own knowledge and know where to look for support
  • Diligent learners have a structure to their revision and an opportunity to self assess

How do I find it?

Link: https://students.pixl.org.uk      You will need login details, please ask your Tutor for these.

Click here to learn 9 ways pupils can revise for exams more effectively – The Science of Revision

Click here to download the Year 11 Revision Evening Presentation 2018

Click HERE to access food ideas to help you prepare for your exams