Guidance & Welfare

A Personal Approach

Care, guidance and support are strengths of the school. Individual support includes a highly effective full-time Student Support Worker, an extremely strong SEND team and a successful liaison and transition programme, which is annually commended by parents and Year 7 students. Our Heads of Year are approachable, skilled and knowledgeable about their year group and work very closely with external agencies, drop in services and the locality team to provide a range of supportive and targeted interventions for students and their families.

The Heads of Year, along with their team of experienced tutors, strive to ensure the needs of all our students are met and that all concerns meet with an effective response. Student voice is an important feature of the school. Made up with representatives from the Year Councils, the Student Forum plays a key role in decision-making. It is run by the Head Boy and Head Girl, chosen via an interview panel, and regularly meets to discuss issues such as teaching and learning, charity fund-raising and eco-awareness.

Full details of the provision at the school is available in our Supplementary Information Booklet.