Key Stage 5

At Key Stage 5 we offer provision at level 2 and level 3 alongside opportunities to resit GCSE English and Maths where appropriate.

At level 2 students follow a BTEC in Travel and Tourism and OCR Cambridge National Business Studies, alongside GCSE re-sits for English and Mathematics. Students are also expected to participate in a work experience placement.

At level 3 we offer a range of A Level choices, alongside some alternative courses such as BTEC and Cambridge Technicals.

For full details of the courses offered please refer to the Sixth Form pages of our website and the 6th Form Options booklet.


Our dedicated Sixth Form team will support you as an individual in choosing appropriate courses which allow you to follow your areas of strength and interest, whilst also being open to discovering completely new subjects too. We help you enjoy, flourish and succeed on your chosen programme.

Committed and experienced Post-16 teachers employ a range of teaching styles and approaches which make the most of outstanding, extensive and state of the art facilities and ensure learning in this superb environment is personalised and fun!

More detailed information on the Sixth Form curriculum is available in the  Sixth Form section of the website.

29 June, 2022


Updated 17/02/2022

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