Progress of all students in lessons is a key focus for the school and we are committed to personalised learning, interactive lessons and targeted assessment. Students receive baseline tests on

entry and are then tracked closely through the school.

At Key Stage 3 we aim to ensure that all students have the foundation to achieve in Key Stages 4 and 5.

At Key Stages 4 and 5, our ‘Raising Achievement’ strategy defines appropriate  interventions to ensure students reach their potential and beyond in all subjects.

Teachers enthuse, engage and motivate students, while students show resilience and confidence when tackling challenging activities. Intellectual curiosity and independent enquiry are encouraged. We aim to provide students with meaningful feedback so that they can make further progress. No time is wasted.

“Close monitoring of my progress has made such a positive difference to my GCSE grades”

Year 11 student


“You will really enjoy being a
student here, I do.”
Year 7 student

Curriculum Statement
TBS Progression Routes
Careers Education Overview
Technical Education Policy Statement

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