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The formal definition of work related learning is:

Planned activity that uses the context of work to develop knowledge, skills and understanding useful in work, including learning through the experience of work, learning about work and working practices, and learning the skills for work.

In the context of this simpler definition:

  • For work is about developing skills for enterprise and employability (for example, through problem solving activities, work simulations, and mock interviews);
  • About work is about providing opportunities for students to develop knowledge and understanding of employers, employment and enterprise (for example, through vocational courses and careers education in our tutorial programme);
  • Through work is about providing opportunities for students to learn from direct experiences of work, including developing the employability skills and ‘can-do’ attitude that employers value (for example, through work experience or enterprise activities in schools and learning through vocational contexts in subjects and on trips and visits).

Throughout the key stages we offer opportunities for students to develop these skills both inside of lessons and outside through assemblies, activity days and tutorial activities.

In Year 10 we have a Work Related Learning week which focuses students on these skills and their development. The school also works with external providers such as Young Enterprise to deliver this sort of learning and engages with employers through trips and presentations to expose students to the world of work.

Students are also encouraged to seek their own work experience placement if appropriate and to consider appropriate part time employment in their own time.

In Year 12 all students take part in a work experience placement, linked to their chosen progression pathway.


All students have the right to careers guidance, some of this is delivery as part of a universal offer via lessons, activities and the tutorial programme. Additionally students can request one to one careers guidance either by visiting the school library or speaking to their tutor or Head of Year.

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