School Clubs

We are pleased to announce that School Clubs are running once again.

Club NameFacultyLead TeacherYear groupsLocationDayTimeAdditional notes (if required)
Science ClubScienceMr Bonner7 & 8106Monday3.30-4.30
Latin ClubMFLMrs Munro9, 10, 11 , 12 & 13Bryanston SchoolTuesday4.00-4.45Students will need to arrange their own transport
FootballPEMr Young/Clinton/Johnson9+10+11Block 2/STPWeds3.30-4.30
FootballPEMr Young/Clinton/Johnson7 + 8 + 6th FormBlock 2/STPThurs3.30-4.30
NetballPEMrs Bailey/SmithYears 7-11Block 2/STPWeds3.30-4.30
NetballPEMrs Bailey/SmithSenior (6th Form)Block 2/STPThurs3.30-4.30
Badminton ClubPEMrs BaileyAllSports HallTues3.30-4.30
GCSE/BTEC Practical ClubPEMr Young/Johnson/Mrs Smith/CooperYr 10/11TBCMon3.30-4.30
Girls FootballPEMs RawstronAllBlock 2Thurs3.30-4.30
GymnasticsPEMiss CooperAllBlock 2Weds3.30-4.30Week A only
Music GCSEPCAMr ReadmanY10/11517WED3.30-5.00
KS3 ChoirPCAMrs FulkerY7-9518TUE12.20-1.00
KS4 and KS5 ChoirPCAMrs FulkerY10-13518TUE1.20-2.00
BandPCAMrs FulkerAll519MON3.30-5.00
KS3 Dance CompanyPCAMiss LambourneY7-9521THU3.30-4.30
BTEC DancePCAMiss LambourneY11521MON3.30-5.00
KS3 Art ClubPCAMrs Amey/Miss HaywardY7-9514MON3.30-4.30
GCSE/A-LEVEL ArtPCAMrs Amey/Miss HaywardY10-13514WED3.30-5.00
School ProductionPCAMrs Bowerman-EllisCast522THU3.30-5.00
KS4 Production ArtsPCAMrs Bowerman-EllisY10/11523THU1.20-2.00WEEK B ONLY
KS3 Production ArtsPCAMrs Bowerman-EllisY7-9523THU12.20-1.00WEEK A ONLY
KS3 Drama ClubPCAMrs Bowerman-EllisY7-9522THU12.20-1.00
GCSE/A-Level Drama RehearsalPCAMrs Bowerman-EllisY10-13522WED3.30-4.40
Creative i-Media masterclassBus and ICTMr Carpenter10 and 114181THUR and 2TUE13.20 - 13.50Week A Thurs, Week B Tues
Student investor challengeBus and ICTMr Dorey and Mr Opalka10, 11, 12 and 13416Wed13.20 to 13.50Starting from November 2021
Lunch LoungeLSTeaching AssistantsYrs 7, 8 & 91021TUE & 1 THUR12.20 - 12.55Week A Tuesdays and Thursdays
Lunch LoungeLSTeaching AssistantsYrs 7, 8 & 91022MON, 1 WEDS & 2FRI12.20 - 12.55Week B Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays
Lunch LoungeLSTeaching AssistantsYrs 10 & 111021MON, 1WED 7 1 FRI13.20 - 13.55Week A Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays
Lunch LoungeLSTeaching AssistantsYrs 10 & 111022TUE & 12THUR12.20 - 12.55Week A Tuesdays and Thursdays
LGBTQ+ ClubMs CudlippYrs 10 & 11LibraryTUES1.30 - 13.55
LGBTQ+ ClubMs CudlippYrs 7, 8 & 9LibraryTHURS12.30 - 12.55
Books and BiscuitsEnglishMrs HayballYrs 7, 8 & 9409WEDS12.30 - 12.55
Books and BiscuitsEnglishMrs HayballYrs 10 - 13409MON13.30- 13.55
Debating ClubEnglishMiss GriffinAll Years305WEDS3.30 - 4.15
Homework supportMathsMr Kowalski7314MON12:20 - 12:40A & B PP and SEND students nominated by teaching staff only
Homework supportMathsMrs Claxton7,8,9311MON12:20 - 12:40A & B
Homework supportMathsMr Vairy10,11315WEDS13:20 - 13:40A & B
Homework supportMathsMrs Feney11313WEDS13:20 - 13:40A & B PP and SEND students nominated by teaching staff only
KS3 Challenge ClubMathsMiss Clowrey/Mrs Hunt7, 8 & 93181TUE12.20 - 12.55Week A
KS4 Challenge ClubMathsMiss Clowrey/Mrs Hunt10 & 113181MON13.20 - 13.55Week B
Study supportMathsMrs Lee12,13WEDS15:30 - 16.30A & B
Games Club/Warhammer ClubMathsMrs Lee7,8,9313FRI12.20-12.55A & B
Games Club/Warhammer ClubMathsMrs Lee10,11,12,13313TUE13.20-14.00A & B
Homework ClubMrs BurtonAll YearsAMREVERYDAY3.30 - 4.30AMR = Academic Mentoring Room, Block 1 off the Library
A Level Product Design SupportD&TMr LuxonY12/13500/511Weds3.30-4.30A & B
KS4 Design and Technology/Engineering SupportD&TMr LuxonY11500/511Weds3.30-4.30A & B
Climate Change ClubHumsMrs MuirYrs 7, 8 & 94051FRI & 2WED12.20 - 12.55
Young EnterpriseHumsMrs MackayYear 12404MON OR WEDS3.30 - 4.30Day TBC
Anti-Bullying WorkshopsG&WTreads/Victom Support/WHIAll YearsStour RoomMON3.30 - 4.45



26 January, 2022


Updated 02/07/2021

Dear Parent/Carer


Action to take if there is a positive Covid-19 test in your household over the weekend
If your child tests positive for Covid-19 over this weekend, please call the number below between 08.30 and 10.00am


07857 113728


We will then check our seating plans, and contact anyone who has been identified as being in close proximity to your child.  If you need to call, please also provide the names of anyone in your child’s friendship group so that they may also be contacted.


Many thanks

Sally Wilson


26 January, 2022


Updated 20/07/2020


Click Here For – Reopening Plans


  1. Messages for parents/carers Years 11 & 13
  1. Child Protection and Student Welfare Concerns
  1. Health and Wellbeing
  1. Contact details for Heads of Faculty, Heads of Year, Senior Leadership Team and IT Systems Manager

Thank you very much for your support

Sally Wilson