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How do I complain about SEND provision made by the school?

Please raise your concern in the first instance with Kirsty Cowley, SENDCo.  If you remain dissatisfied, please contact Sally Wilson, Headteacher.  If this still has not resolved your concern, please follow the link to the school’s complaints procedure – click here.

How do I complain about the school?

Please raise your concern in the first instance with the member of staff concerned, or the Headteacher.  If you remain dissatisfied, please follow the link to the school’s complaints procedure – click here.

What happens if my child receives an After School Detention?

After school detentions are run daily from 3.30pm – 4.30pm. If you need to collect your child following an after school detention, they may be collected from Reception.

Where can I find information on school clubs?

You can find a full list of clubs (updated termly) here. For more information on specific clubs, please check the ‘Teacher’ column of the table to find the correct member of staff.

What time is break?

Breaktime starts at 10.55am and finishes at 11.15am.

What time is lunch?

Lunchtime begins at 1.20pm and finishes at 2.05pm.

Are mobile phones allowed in school?

The use of mobile phones is not permitted on school site. Once a student enters the premises their mobile phones must remain switched off and in their bags or lockers.

My child has an appointment during school hours, what do I do?

Any student in Years 7-11 leaving the school premises during the day will need signed written permission by both a parent/guardian and their Head of Year. Students must ensure that they are signing in and out of reception when leaving the school site.

Can I chew gum in school?

No, the chewing of gum is not allowed in school.

Where & when can I eat in school?

Food is not to be eaten in classrooms, toilets or corridors. Food is only to be consumed before school, at break and lunchtimes and after school. Food is only to be eaten in the designated areas- the playground, social areas or The Hub.

26 July, 2021


Updated 02/07/2021

Dear Parent/Carer


Action to take if there is a positive Covid-19 test in your household over the weekend
If your child tests positive for Covid-19 over this weekend, please call the number below between 08.30 and 10.00am


07857 113728


We will then check our seating plans, and contact anyone who has been identified as being in close proximity to your child.  If you need to call, please also provide the names of anyone in your child’s friendship group so that they may also be contacted.


Many thanks

Sally Wilson


26 July, 2021


Updated 20/07/2020


Click Here For – Reopening Plans


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  1. Child Protection and Student Welfare Concerns
  1. Health and Wellbeing
  1. Contact details for Heads of Faculty, Heads of Year, Senior Leadership Team and IT Systems Manager

Thank you very much for your support

Sally Wilson