Cambridge Technicals Introductory Diploma in IT (Level 3)

CTEC Diploma in IT


Mrs K Tylor






You should have grade 4 or above in English, Maths & grade 4 in GCSE IT/Computing or Merit in BTEC ICT. If you did not take Option IT at GCSE you should speak to Mrs Tylor.

Why choose CTEC IT?

A more creative & inspiring vocational approach to learning IT.
Learning about how IT is used in the modern workplace and global information systems.
Developing the IT knowledge and transferable skills that will be valued by employers and help with future studies.
Up to date content that is engaging, fit for purpose and suitable for your needs.

What you will study in CTEC IT?

You will develop your knowledge, understanding and skills of the principles of IT and Global Information Systems. You will gain an insight into the IT sector as you investigate the pace of technological change, IT infrastructure, and the flow of information on a global scale and the importance of legal and security considerations.
There are two mandatory units:
Unit 1:
Fundamentals of IT
This unit will create a solid foundation in the fundamentals of hardware, networks, software, the ethical use of computers and how businesses use IT.
Unit 2:
Global Information
This unit will provide you with a greater understanding of how organisations use information sources both internally and externally and the types of information you will encounter.
There are several optional units to choose from. You must complete three from this group. Below is a small sample of what is available:
Unit 5:
Virtual & Augmented Reality
You will learn about both technologies and how they are used.
Unit 13:
Social Media & Digital Marketing
You will study digital marketing as a concept and explore the possible impacts, both positive and negative, that may be generated using social media as a tool
Unit 21:
Web Design & Prototyping
You will research, design and produce an interactive responsive website for a client, culminating in presenting

How you will be assessed in CTEC IT?

Mandatory units are external exams, while option units are internally assessed and externally moderated.
All units are graded as Pass, Merit or Distinction. These are added together to get an overall award.

Additional Information

For further information about this course please speak to Mrs Tylor.

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