A-Level Physical Education

A-Level Physical Education


Mr A Young




A-Level PE


Grade 5 in GCSE PE / Merit in BTEC Sport / Grade 5 in Biology

Why choose A-Level PE?

Sport is no longer just about physical performance but is now a science. Are you interested in the impact of sport and its influence on wider society? Are you interested in the human body and how it can be manipulated to perform at great intensities with exceptional accuracy and consistency? Do you ever wonder how an elite performer can play well one week and poorly the next? A-level Physical Education has all the answers to these questions and more. Sport is the fastest growing and most lucrative industry in the world and shows no sign of slowing down.

What you will study in A-Level PE?

 Applied anatomy and physiology
 Skill acquisition
 Sport and society
 Exercise physiology and biomechanics
 Sport psychology
 Technology in sport

How you will be assessed in A-Level PE?

 70% of assessment is via theory examinations. Students will sit two papers of 2 hours duration.
 15% of assessment is through coursework.
 15% of assessment is through practical performance or coaching in one sport.

Additional Information

A-Level Physical Education opens many doors to the future. It compliments many other options and is a fascinating subject to learn. Much of the content is taught through practical application.
For more information, please contact Mr Young, Mr Williams or Mr Lishman.

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28 July, 2021


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