A-Level Further Mathematics

A-Level Further Mathematics


Mrs M Lee




A-Level Further Maths


Grade 7 in GCSE mathematics. All students are advised to speak to Mrs Lee or Mrs Copley about the demands of this course and their suitability for study.

Why choose A-Level Further Mathematics?

The qualification is both deeper and broader than A Level Mathematics. A Level Further Mathematics builds from GCSE and A Level study. As well as building on algebra and calculus introduced in A level mathematics, the Further Mathematics core content introduces complex numbers and matrices, fundamental mathematical ideas with wide applications in mathematics, engineering, physical sciences and computing. The non-core content includes different options that can enable students to specialise in areas of mathematics that are particularly relevant to their interests and future aspirations. This course prepares students for further study and employment in highly mathematical disciplines that require knowledge and understanding of sophisticated mathematical ideas and techniques.
Further mathematics is designed for students with an enthusiasm for mathematics, many of whom will go on to degrees in mathematics, engineering, the sciences and economics.

What you will study in A-Level Further Mathematics?

There are three strands to the Further Maths A-Level 2017 qualification:
 Proof
 Complex numbers
 Matrices
 Further algebra and functions
 Further calculus
 Further vectors
 Polar coordinates
 Hyperbolic functions
 Differential equations
 Trigonometry
 Numerical methods
 Coordinate geometry

 Dimensional analysis
 Momentum and collision
 Work, energy and power
 Circular motion

 Discrete random variables
 Poisson distribution
 Type I and II errors and power of a test
 Continuous random variables
 Exponential distribution
 Inference

How you will be assessed in A-Level Mathematics?

Three 2 hour exams will be sat at the end of Y13.

Additional Information

For more information please speak to Mrs Lee or Mrs Copley