A-Level Economics

A-Level Economics


Mr R Opalka




A-Level Economics


Grade 6 in GCSE English & Maths, Grade 5 in Business Studies if taken.

Why choose A-Level Economics

Economics is a fascinating subject to study, as it helpsyou to look more deeply into the world around you –
how and why it functions as it does. It can also give you new perspectives on some of the most pressing and
challenging problems facing the world today. Economics does not revolve solely around wealth creation, or peaks and troughs in financial money markets and their effects on business performance. Economic decisions and activities impact on many different areas of society and on our own everydaylives – interest rate fluctuations, personal taxation,
unemployment, labour force migration and football transfer prices, to name but a few. In a world where there is increasing debate about scarcity of resources, economics plays a key role in that it is fundamentally concerned with how to allocate those resources most efficiently.

What you will study in A Level Economics

 A holistic understanding of economics in a range of contexts.
 Develop a deeper understanding of our national economy and its place in the global economy.
 Understand that business behaviour can be studied from a range of perspectives.
 Understand the role of government in our everyday lives.
 Acquire a range of relevant economic and generic skills, including decision making, problem
solving, the challenging of assumptions and critical analysis.
 Apply numerical skills in a range of economic contexts.

How you will be assessed in A-Level Economics

Paper 1: Markets and business behaviour – 2 Hour Written Exam (35%)
Paper 2: The national and global economy – 2 Hour Written Exam (35%)
Paper 3: Microeconomics and macroeconomics – 2 Hour Written Exam (30%)
All exams taken at the end of Year 13.

Additional Information

For any further questions, please contact Mr Opalka.

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