A-Level Business

A Level Business


Mr R Dorey




AQA Business


Grade 5 in GCSE English & Maths, Grade 5 in Business Studies if taken.

Why choose A Level Business?

Business is one of the most popular choices in the UK at both A level and degree level. Many of the concepts and issues that are dealt with in the course are ones that you will face in the world outside of education. The business world is constantly changing and the course reflects this through the examination of modern, cutting-edge theories that the most successful firms are employing today.

  • Gain a holistic understanding of business in a range of contexts.
  •  Develop a critical understanding of organisations and their ability to meet society’s needs and wants.
  • Understand that business behaviour can be studied from a range of perspectives.
  •  Generate enterprising and creative approaches to business opportunities, problems and issues.
  • Be aware of the ethical dilemmas and responsibilities faced by organisations and individuals.
  • Acquire a range of relevant business and generic skills, including decision making, problem solving, the challenging of assumptions and critical analysis.
  • Apply numerical skills in a range of business contexts.

How you will be assessed in A Level Business:

Paper 1: Marketing, people and global businesses – 2 Hour Written Exam (35%) Paper 2: Business activities, decisions and strategy – 2 Hour Written Exam (35%) Paper 3: Investigating business in a competitive environment – 2 Hour Written Exam (30%) All exams taken at the end of Year 13.

Additional Information

For any further questions, please contact. (rdorey@blandfordschool.org.uk)