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A Level Biology


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AQA Biology


Grade 7 in GCSE Biology or 7-7 in GCSE combined Science, plus a 6 in GCSE Maths. Students achieving a Grade 6 in Biology / Science will be considered for this course, but must first discuss their place with the Head of Science.

Why choose A Level Biology?

Biology is the Science of Life; it involves the study of a wide range of exciting topics, ranging from molecular biology to the study of ecosystems and from microorganisms to mammals. Biology is one of the most popular A Level subjects in the country, attracting students studying a wide range of other subjects. Many of these students enjoy the subject so much they eventually choose a biologically related degree course. Others go on to careers in law, computing, accounting or teaching. So, whatever field you will eventually work in, you will find biology a very rewarding and challenging course which will develop many of the skills essential for a successful career

In year 12 the following topics are covered: biological molecules, cells, how organisms exchange substances with their environment and genetic information, variation and relationships. These topics provide the foundation for understanding biology and then in year 13 students will be required to apply that knowledge in the topics areas of; energy transfers, organism response to environment, evolution, ecosystems and the control of gene expression. The course is taught as a blend of theory work and practical work, including 12 AQA required practical tasks.

How you will be assessed in A Level Biology:

The A-level course is assessed by three 2hr papers, which incorporate assessment of practical techniques and include a mix of short and longer answer questions.

Additional Information

A-level Biology is a demanding and academic course and is
suitable for students who have an interest in the subject and are
willing to work hard throughout the two year course. Biology is a
very highly regarded A level by universities and, as a facilitating
subject is a useful for numerous university degrees.

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