The atmosphere as students collected results this morning was fabulous. Maths results broke school records for the second year running, with an outstanding 75% achieving a standard pass, and 55% a strong pass. In addition, 19% of students achieved a Grade 7 or above. English results were also very good with 76% of students achieving a standard pass, 56% a strong pass and 17% of students a Grade 7. The combined figure – those students who achieved at least a standard pass in both English and Maths was therefore 66%, with 45% achieving a strong pass. This beats last year’s impressive results which were well above the national average (national averages for this year will be confirmed in due course). Science also performed exceptionally well following their outstanding A Level results last week. At GCSE, 3 in every 4 students achieved 1 grade above the national average in Science.


The class of 2019 achieved in total an astonishing 65 Grade 9’s which is the highest grade, awarded to only the top 4.5% of students in the country (the 2018 GCSE cohort achieved 56 Grade 9’s). In addition the cohort were awarded 76 Grade 8’s, 134 Grade 7’s and 184 Grade 6’s. High fliers this year include the incredibly talented Sidney Jenkinson with his 9 Grade 9’s and 1 Grade 8. Rose Amey achieved 7 Grade 9’s, 2 Grade 8’s and 1 Grade 7. George Hutchings also did brilliantly, with 6 Grade 9’s and 4 Grade 8’s. Lottie Sims gained 5 Grade 9’s, 2 Grade 8’s and 3 Grade 7’s. Matthew Hancock performed very well with 5 Grade 9’s, 1 Grade 8 and 3 Grade 7’s. Jacob Kingman achieved 5 Grade 9’s and 1 Grade 7. Other students who performed very well were Aislinn Lewis-Smith with 4 Grade 9’s, 5 Grade 8’s and 1 Grade 7 and Nathan Scott who received 4 Grade 9’s and 2 Grade 7’s. Lucy Denton-Smith was delighted with her 3 Grade 9’s, 2 Grade 8’s and 4 Grade 7’s. Maisy Allen, who last week represented England Under 18’s Rugby Sevens in the Home Nations Tournament (beating Scotland in the final), also achieved excellent results with 3 Grade 9’s, 5 Grade 8’s and 2 Grade 7’s. The school is exceptionally proud of Maisy, who is now heading to Hartpury College to further her Rugby career and will be representing England again at the European Championships in September. Maisy is one of several talented students who, with support from staff, manage to balance their studies with demanding training programmes in sports and the arts.


Sally Wilson, Headteacher of The Blandford School said, ‘We have had a really exciting day today with students of all abilities doing so very well. In particular, I have been impressed by the work ethic of Year 11 with the majority of them taking up every single opportunity staff offered them which included holiday, after school revision sessions and breakfast briefings. I really do believe we have found a winning formula. I would like to thank parents and carers for their ongoing support, many of them were with us today and it was great to share this special morning with them. Staff and our Governing Board are thrilled with these results which reflect the high aspirations of us all and are consistent with last year’s results which smashed school records.’

Sally Wilson, Headteacher