Vision, Values and Ethos

Vision Statement

The opportunity to educate children brings with it a huge responsibility to provide the best all-round education possible as we aim to prepare young people for happiness, and success in their adult lives. This is a responsibility myself and the team at The Blandford School take very seriously, we care very much for each individual child and pride ourselves on a community in which students feel valued.

Schooldays should be fun and enjoyable, I see it as our responsibility to broaden children’s interests and develop their personal qualities. To do this we focus on respect, positive attitudes to learning, effort and perseverance. You would expect us to have high expectations, and we do; a positive partnership and the support of parents/carers is essential to this.


REAP which is as follows:

Respect (ensure we are polite, well-mannered and respect the rights we all have).
Effort (challenge ourselves, be ambitious and do our best).
Attitude (have a positive attitude in every situation).
Perseverance (show resilience and determination).

Strategic Objectives

To focus rigorously on student progress.
To ensure leaders and governors relentlessly pursue excellence.
To provide outstanding guidance and welfare provision.
To ensure our curriculum is rich, relevant, broad and balanced.
To recruit, retain and develop specialist, motivated and innovative staff.
To maintain a good reputation and be the secondary school of choice in the local community and beyond.


As a result, our mission statement is more than just a ‘statement’. It reflects how we, as an educational community, feel about our role in preparing young people for their positive futures in society.

Finally, leaving the big picture aside, we love seeing ex students achieve and hearing of their successes, so if you are an ex student please get in touch and let let us know your news!