About Us

We are ambitious for our students; we encourage them to aspire. We are proud of our students and our position at the heart of the community. Staff and students treat each other with respect. Students feel safe and enjoy being at the school.

In recent years our building programme has greatly enhanced our facilities across the site. It is a pleasure to see students of all ages benefiting from this investment in their education which has had such a positive impact on our curricular, extra-curricular and social activities. Students have been actively involved in designing the new accommodation and are delighted with the outcome.

Prior to joining the school younger students engage in our successful liaison and transition programme.

Activities are organised throughout Year 6 and include specific tailored projects led by the subject areas which form our specialism (science, design and mathematics).

The needs of older students joining the school are assessed carefully and support provided as appropriate.

Sixth form students at The Blandford School apply for a range of universities in year 13 ranging from Russell Group universities to more specialised institutions. This year students have successfully received offers from Warwick, (Global Sustainable Business), Bristol (Politics and International Relations), Maths (UCL and King’s College) and York, Bath and Bristol (Modern Languages). Students are working hard to achieve the grades required for these institutions in order to progress successfully into Higher Education.